Cable Type Cable Characteristic Connectors Number of cables
NE48 (between both patch panel - for Montrac) Characteristics Burndy (female) Connector / Contact F 6
NE48 (Between both patch panel) Characteristics Burndy (female) Connector / Contact F 10
Profibus Characteristics Specific connectors (Profibus M12 from Siemens) 4
Single mode optical Fibres - Connector E2000 Characteristics N/A 24
Multimode optical fibers -ST connectors Characteristics N/A 24
Ethernet connections Characteristics RJ45 - Connector / Cover / Panel Socket 12
CB50 Characteristics BNC - Travesrée Châssis F/F 50
WorldFIP Characteristics Connectors + boitier de raccordement - Connector / FIP box 4
Muti cond. Twisted/pair and shielded/pair Characteristics Prise rect. + contact femelle + Straight Metal Housing - Connector / Contact F / Socket 24B 10
230V (CABLE CU EXTRA FLEX 3x 1,5MM2) Characteristics Fiche Cable + Prise Cable + Prise Mur 10
CABLE CU EXTRA FLEX 5X1,5MM2 (Power not provided by the electrical network - connectors on both patch panel) No protection. Characteristics Prise rect. HAN Q7/0 + contact femelle + Straight Metal Housing 10
3-Phase (CABLE CU EXTRA FLEX 5X6MM2) - 400 V Characteristics 32A Socket 4
3-Phase (CABLE CU EXTRA FLEX 5X16MM2) - 400 V Characteristics 63A Socket 4
Connection to ground Characteristics To be defined by EN/EL 4
MCA24 Characteristics SUB – D 25 male 4
MCA8 Characteristics SUB – D 9 male 6
NG04 Characteristics BURNDY ROUND MULTI-PIN CONNECTORS - 4 pin female connector / Contacts for multi-pin 4
SAMTEC single ended (µcoax) Characteristics Integrated with cable 3
Samtec differential pair (µcoax) Characteristics Integrated with cable 3
CBH50 (High Voltage) Characteristics Fiche Cable sertie Teflon - Femelle SHV 5kV / Prise châssis 14
Unipolar Cable Characteristics Rapid connection 4
ND26 Characteristics Connecteur SubD female - Contacts F 10
CKC50 (triax cables) Characteristics C4249-ISS3 - C4250-ISS3 10
Serial Link (RS485) Characteristics Connecteurs femelle - Contacts F 4
USB Characteristics Integrated with cable 5
VH4 Characteristics 2